Payment Procedures/Terms :

1.After booking your preffered period you will shortly receive a “Booking Balance Sheet” with all the payment details you may need. We ask for a 30% deposit and 170,00 € Security ammount* per booking.

2.Payment may be completed in 3 parts (Deposit, 1st & Clearence payment).

3.60 days before your booking you must have paid 70% of your booking balance, the rest 30% & Security ammount can be paid within the period of 59 days before your arrival.

4.We accept payments in €  only by Bank Transfer or cash. Bank Transfer expences are handled by the customer exclusively.

5.We DO NOT ask for credit card numbers nor keep any records of them.

6.We preserve the right to unilaterlly cancel your booking if you delay an agreed  payment more than 10 working days.

7. We do not charge VAT or any other TAX nor we include them in your booking price because we do not have any obligation according to the book keeping law.

Cancelation procedure/terms:

1.You may cancel your booking any time you like but cancelation fees do apply.

2.If you choose to cancel your booking at any time greater than 60 days before your arrival you will be charged with the 30% of total clear booking ammount.

3.If you choose to cancel your booking within the period of 60 days before your arrival you will be charged the 70% of your clear booking ammount.

All of the above terms may be changed by a special agreement between the Customer & Spathies Maris in written and accepted by both.

*Security Ammount of 170,00 €  is a fully refundable ammount on your checkout when delivering the house keys if no damage is recorded by the hostess, otherwise there will be a direct settlment of damages and you will receive the remaining ammount if any.If a customer damage is greater than the security ammount then the hostess has the right to request a full compensation.

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